melting moments

i used to wish for time to pass, without ever noticing that it was. i never thought things would come, and i never things would end.

then, everything i had been waiting for, happened. it scared me that years weren’t as long as they had seemed when i was a child.

suddenly, the weeks were passing unnoticed, and months flicked over and over, taking and giving people, places, experiences and parts of me.

now, i can’t help but consider transience – despite the waiting and the time i spend preparing and anticipating, the day will pass. i will be with different people, in different, far-away places, but at the end of the night, i will end up in my bed. what a comforting constant and a wonderful way to appreciate every experience for what it is and think nothing more. nothing is boring and everything is beautiful.

sleep then wake, and the next morning, the anticipation has faded into the panorama of the past and i am left with sweet melting moments.


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