mary ~ a quick, improvised piece before being productive

once upon a time, a virgin loved me

once upon a time, i loved a virgin too

but dearest mary, she was only fifteen

and her pussy smelt like joe’s guitar strings


they lazed around in paradise

smoking spliff in the stark

the way he moved was swift but distant

tore joe up when he stole her heart


mary told her lover she felt empty

when he was too high one friday night

so mary sought fulfillment in poor joseph

who had learned the art of making love alone


the stoner was buried behind his truest vice

nailed hard by mary the virgin

and hidden behind the holiest stone

to fight the fear of his plight


between a rock and a hard on

mary’s shoulder was bruised beside

a river which wet her hair and underwear –

the torture for a harlot who would never decide


have a good saturday

i certainly will.


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