The second house in which I lived, had a skylight above the stairs. On this skylight, tens of large, grey moths found a permanent residence; a place to spend the night. Their fat and furry silhouettes were illuminated against the glow of the white glass window.

I was very scared of the months – I felt uneasy about walking up the stairs alone. I was four years old and I didn’t know much, but I trusted my instincts and felt that moths were not to be trusted.

In my teenage years I became very fond of this memory. My first love told me that their favourite word was ‘moth’ because it sounded like the feeling of having a thick doona shrouded around your head.

My love and connection with moths was confirmed when I found a very large, pretty green caterpillar and decided to keep it to see what it became. A moth with a wingspan of close to 10cm emerged and the moth showed my its art.

Since then, I have labelled my own art with ‘moth’.


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