new med dreaming 1.0

my boyfriend and i had been dating for years. for me, it was truer than love.

one morning, as we awoke in our cute terrace; situated under a bridge on a busy highway, he was too quick to rise from bed. our house was always messy with useful objects which had simply found their way out of their appropriate confines. he began to tidy with a foreign aggression, so i asked:

“what is wrong?”

he stopped and starred. dressed in a white robe, his fluffy curls covered his spectacle-d eyes and he told me that he was homosexual. i broke into pieces as microscopic and numerous as my single cells. i told him that i would not leave him. he told me i didn’t have to, so long as i could accept his true infidelities.

that afternoon, i took a long walk around our shady neighborhood. everyone wore pink wigs like natalie wore in closer, and most people passed you silently. the girls who lived on the level above us giggled as they returned home alongside me, with white bags of fluorescent coloured clothes.

as i opened the door, a pile of papers flew off the dining table and my acceptance of my lover was put to the test as i saw him making love with a man. he looked scary so i left and ran to my mother’s home for comfort.

my mother was not home, but i heard her voice in the vicinity. i walked into the asian grocery store next door to inquire. they were vague and i had almost made my way through the fan-blown plastic flaps, when i heard mother scream.

i ran up the external stair case, to find her tied to a wooden chair on the second storey balcony. the grocer’s son would not let me untie her without a reward.

for my mother’s sake, i rewarded him.


disclaimer: this is a dream and does not correlate with reality in any sense.


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