i’m confused by: The Process of Packing a Bag

The process of packing a bag has long confused me. A bag is representative of planning and anticipation, yet rarely feels suitability shaped and size to appropriate fulfill this function. When packing a bag, one must consider potential conditions which may require specific items, then the complete antithesis.

Allow me to clarify: when leaving the house, there is a chance that despite the clear sky and perfect forecast, it may rain or storm. For this reason it is necessary to pack an umbrella as well as a hat; two contradictory items which are both necessary in order to be sufficiently prepared.

The confusion is compounded when I consider that I have an entire room in my family home, dedicated to my possessions. Yet, when I leave the house my exposure to changing conditions is dramatically increase, with one 1000th of the size in which to keep suitable, anticipatory items.

Short of a Mary-Poppins-esque bag, a standard, sort of comfortable and practical bag would be too small for the above-mentioned needs.


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