unbrushed teeth on city streets /

versions of my dream girl walk frequently by /

weak legs walk under the weight of this city /

and i’ve lost myself to this state of mind /


cabbage stink, kitchen sink /

hair balls, don’t think /


stand still, window sill /

a head that aches, with crushed pills /


slow dissolve, broken soul /

open heart, cards fold /


open wound, sticky tune /

sewn seam,  give me Duloxetine //



distant orb

what is that distant orb of light

against the grey sky?

how fast will i have to run

to avoid the collision

the ultimate decision

the harrowing vision

of paranoia’s volition?



how hard will i have to scratch

at this skinny surface?

to cure the will to itch

tame the scatterbrained bitch

feign the addictive switch

and sew the final stitch?