The Abandoned Hour – April 2014

Turn off the bright coloured lights, turn off the sultry, gentle glow, blow out the candles – it’s dark and that is alone.

Turn down the sexually inspirational music, turn down the radio, stop shit-talking – it is quiet and that is alone.

Your room is full of familiar strangers; friends that only love you for your fried mind – that is alone.

Close your eyes – there is no one.

Turn off the light – there is no love faked.

Turn down the music- the only beat is your own.

We condition our environments to make us feel the things we think we want to or should feel; the things we think will make us feel less alone. But really, it’s the same bedroom you cry yourself to sleep with loneliness in, 6 nights a week.

The only time when you will not feel lonely is when one person can walk in on your Wednesday night tears and it is silent and the light is neutral and your mind is your own and they love you like that, and you love them like that back.


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