2016 associations ~ tumblr inspired

saw this post on tumblr ^^ and because nobody would ever message me, i decided that categorising 2016 suits my personality/asd perfectly.

January: wearing loose dresses, my boyfriend’s tiny bedroom, eating out at a lot of vegan cafes, david bowie, schooling stresses, south coast, staying up late, anxiety.

February: another bout of depression, duloxetine, very teary and very tired, prison break, careers advisers.

March: afternoon drives, being constantly behind in all aspects of my life, wasting time, drake, gaining weight on new meds, wearing different clothes to usual, stopped caring about my fleshy vessel.

April: lots of trips to the city when i should have been doing other things, kylie jenner, exploring historical local places, running into an unpleasant ex-friend and pretending it didn’t happen.

May: birthdays, picnics, walks, reflection, no make-up, kokedama.

June: cold days, dr house, the getaway, the zoo, vivid, a lot of scalp picking, walking alone in the city.

July: cold nights in the city, lookouts, abandoned places, birthday, truth, ice skating, cemeteries.

August: soy flat white, very weird clothing combinations, melanie martinez, wooloomooloo.

September: indecision, jennifer johnson, dr house!, scabs galore.

October: study – all day, every day, the noose in the garden tree, lookouts, sweet potato brownies, gilmore girls, dallas petrie, shorter hair, black pants.

November: stranger things, lady gaga, gym, plans and lists, the end of an era.

December: grey’s anatomy, heaps of free time, sadness about new beginnings, self-satisfaction, disbelief, becoming a real adult with a drivers license, university, road tripping, happiness, duloxetine withdrawals.


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