the fleshy vessel – create yourself

we identify with out attractiveness. we identify with our beauty, while ignoring the way we are built – biologically and spiritually. we spend too much time trying to perfect the beauty of our physical appearance, when it isn’t ours to take credit for. we feel satisfied and flattered when our outward attractiveness is noticed, but we played no role it creating that face. why do we keep taking credit for our unlikely appearance, which is ultimately impermanent?

it is totally impossible that we even ended up with the faces we have; it required intricate genetic combinations which could have been dramatically reformed by any small generational alteration which occurred at some point over millions of years. it would have been very easy and likely for every face to be completely different or not exist at all, so why do we spend so much time hating and trying to perfect something which is not even ours to love, hate, or take credit for? credit goes to the intricate web of nature, and we have no part in deciding how these faces turn out.

we do have a part in deciding how we construct our soul. we construct the person we are and our soul essence through what we ‘feed’ ourselves. we can take credit for having a beautiful soul because we have the choice to fuel the soul everyday, in a way that can change and improve it, or destroy it.

every explanation of death and afterlife affirms the impermanence and ultimate disappearance of the physical self, but says that a spiritual essence lives on. why do we continue to take credit for something we play no role in creating and something which will decompose, when we can create a beautiful soul, take genuine credit for the person we are and perhaps have that soul live on in another dimension?  appearance is an accessory to our consciousness, so stop accesssorising a petty face with a personality and create yourself.


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