Wednesday 26th March 2014, 9:25am (looking out the window in English)

“I wish for a small time, that I was that duck. Alone, wandering through the damp grass, eating little bits that I find as I go. It looks like such a happy little life living behind those beady eyes and inside that low-hung belly. I wish that I would never know, like that duck, what my backside looks like. The duck doesn’t need to have talent or intelligence or personality, just the simple, animal instinct to sustain its life. It has wings, but chooses not to used them because unlike us humans, it is happy where it is. It would be rather catastrophic if humans were given wings because even the short time I have here to observe this duck is limited, before the everlasting desire to rush away to somewhere else, sweeps us up and away with the ring of a bell.”


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